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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This is why I am not the arts&music editor

In my two years at Jerk, I have never written an arts&music story, save for the occasional book review. So I am not Jerk's resident a&m expert (see: Lauren Shopp). But I know that Top 40 music these days blows (Brooke Hogan, anyone?), and Pitchfork Media scares me. So two music sites I keep up with to stay "in the know":

1. Idolator - Brought to you by the folks who created Gawker, Idolator won't contribute to overrated internet music critic buzz about, say, the Arctic Monkeys, unless the band's actually good in the first place. The blog's daily free mp3 roundup is worth checking out (from Amerie to Nancy Sinatra to someone from the '80s named Debbie Deb) , and they take the piss out of Pitchfork with the weekly "Pick of the 'Fork" feature. But download the mp3s as soon as you see 'em - the site removes them after a week due to something called "internet piracy laws."

2. Popjustice - American music right now is terrible, and sadly, radio has no format for anything that isn't r&b or rap. Popjustice keeps you on top of the pop music scene of the U.K. - '70s discofied Scissor Sisters, better-than-Beyonce Jamelia, rock/electro hybrid Shiny Toy Guns, power poppers Dragonette, and the holy trinity of the Sugababes. Popjustice holds up The Pet Shop Boys and Kylie as their idols, so it's pretty obvious that you're in for some kitschy, sparkly pop glory that you'll be too ashamed to share with your friends. Go ahead, indulge, and check out the site's The Truth About Pop survey (key findings: "Bono should be shot" and "Pete Doherty is the smelliest popstar").


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